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[AE Project]Flying Through Clouds Transition 6 Styles

Alpha Channel Yes | Video Encoding Photo PNG + Alpha | 1920×1080 | 682 Mb

Flying Through Clouds Transition – 6 Styles

This is six 1080p motion graphic transitions clouds rolling into the screen while flying closer and closer until the cloud fills the entire screen and then flies out of it. The transitions vary in length so you have options depending on if you need a quick transition or a longer one. These videos could be used as either a transition, going from one video to another, or used to wipe the screen to white. All of the videos contain an alpha channel so you can easily put your footage below one of the cloud transitions. This would make for a great transition when talking about the weather, clouds, smoke, the climate, etc.

Video Features:

– 1920×1080p HD Videos
– 6 Different transitions
– 24 Seconds of footage
– Alpha channel included


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