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[320kbps]Morning [2011] – Lưu Tích Quân | Sara Liu

01. 拂晓 (Morning)
02. 那时候的我 (The Me At That Time)
03. 旅途 (Journey)
04. 大气 (Atmosphere)
05. 怎么唱情歌 (How To Sing Love Songs)
06. 恋风之歌 (Longing For The Wind Song)
07. 飞逝的 (Fleeting)
08. 太晚以前 (Previous Slow Moment)
09. 有你在身边 (Having You At My Side)
10. 蔷薇映画馆 (Rose Picture Gallery)
11. 羊角花又开 (The Claw Flower Blooms Again)


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