Thứ Năm , Tháng Năm 13 2021

Folk Music Cafe Vol.1

1. A Joyous Song Out Of Breaking Waves (Gucheng).mp3
2. Delivering Grain Happily (Erhu).mp3
3. Dongting -A Land Of Fish And Rice (Di Zi).mp3
4. Grapes Are Ripe In Tulufan (Pipa).mp3
5. Horse Racing (Erhu).mp3
6. Morning In Miao Village (Di Zi).mp3
7. New Life Of Herdsman (Di Zi).mp3
8. Playing My Folk Pipa (Pipa).mp3
9. Safety Forever For A Good Man (Erhu).mp3
10. Sailing Song In Wusuli (Gucheng).mp3
11. Shepherding Song (Gusheng).mp3
12. Speed On The Vast Grassland (Erhu).mp3
13. The Girl’s Yearning To See Her Brother (Pipa).mp3
14. Xisha, My Lovely Hometown (Di Zi).mp3


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