Thứ Hai , Tháng Tư 19 2021

[APE]Xiao & Piano 2006

01.梅花三弄 (Three variations on plum blossom)
02.绿野仙踪 (Fairy footsteps in green land)
03.梦幻欧罗巴 (Dream like Europe)
04.乱红(笛) (Flowers in a riot of color)
05.岫壑浮云 (Deep valley and folating cloud)
06.爱尔兰晨风 (笛) (Morning breeze of Ireland)
07.妆台秋思 (Meditation in autumn by dressing table)
08.江月初照人 (埙) (Reflection of ancient time under moonlight)
09.苦雪烹茶 (Make tea with melted snow)
10.帘动荷风 (Lotus waves and door curtain sways in summer wind)


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