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  • Aurora (2004) – Ikuko Kawai [FLAC]
  • Instrumental Music Collection Volume 4 (O.S.T)
  • Yoga Chakra’s Dream[320kbps]
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    Bamboo Flute Rhyme

    Bamboo Flute Rhyme -Traditional Chinese Melodies (2003)

    Track list:
    01. The coral song
    02. Meet at Aobao
    03. Girl of daban town
    04. The kangding love song
    05. The clearand cool water 0f chang Lake
    06. Some where far away
    07. Please stay, guest from afar
    08. The wild geese head south
    09. Homesick
    10. On the sun island
    11. Give bright red chinese date to the kin
    12. The camelbell
    13. Piscatorial girl