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    Ashes is the debut studio album by American DJ and producer Illenium, released on 15 February 2016. The album features six singles including two bonus tracks.

    In an interview, Illenium said, "I wanted to create something timeless. Music has this crazy way of coming into people’s lives and totally take their problems and struggles away for a moment. It lets people breathe and be in the moment while also taking them to a different reality. My hope is that this album does that and creates a bond with the listener and music forever.

    1.Reverie (feat King Deco)
    2.Fortress (feat Joni Fatora)
    3.With You (feat Quinn XCII)
    4.Sleepwalker (feat Joni Fatora)
    5.Itas All On U (feat Liam O'Donnell)
    6.Spirals (feat Sound Remedy)
    7.Without You (feat SKYLR)
    8.Only One (feat Nina Sung)
    9.I'll Be Your Reason
    10.Afterlife (feat Echos)
    11.Jester (feat Chilled Velvet - Bonus Track)
    12.Bring Forth The Pressure (feat Dirt Monkey - Bonus Track)